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Password Reset

Password requirements


  • Minimum password length 15 characters
  • Passwords must be changed EVERY 180 DAYS (6 months)


How to change password using an Apple or PC. (This will change the password used to log onto computers and email)


Use the Apple instructions if you log onto an Apple (iMac device) using your account. If not you can use any PC (non-iMac device, Dell for instance) and log onto using your Email address and current password then follow PC instructions to change password.



Steps to change/reset your account/email password on an Apple (Note after about 20 minutes it will change your email password to match).:

1. Select Apple Icon in top left

2. Select “System Preferences”

3. Select “Users and Groups”

4. Select your name on the left and change password on right and follow prompts


To change on a PC:

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and one of the options will be change password (Note after about 20 minutes it will change your email password to match).


Password/Account Recovery Instructions


How to set up a recovery phone number and email address for your user account:


The following steps must be completed before you can use “Forgot my password” to change your password and recover your account.  You must know your password to setup the recovery.  


1.     Go to this Website:

2.     You will see two options. To change/recover your password you may use one, or both, of the options: Authentication Phone and/or Authentication Email.

3.     Select “Set it up now” by each option you wish to add.

4.     Select “Looks good” if the information you entered looks correct.

NOTE: For the phone option, you may choose to receive either a text or a phone call. If you do not have texting a home phone will work if you are there to answer.  If you use the phone call option have something handy so you can write down the verification code, or be on the device you’re using so you can directly type the verification code in when you hear it.


This link can be used at any time to change the recovery phone number and recovery email address.  If your number or email address changes, return to: and enter your new phone number or email address.