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MTSS (Multi Tiered System of Supports)

Morgan County Response to Interventions and Multi Tiered Support System Mission Statement (MTSS):

Morgan County Schools are committed to providing our students with a variety of opportunities to reach their fullest potential. Multi-Tiered Support System is a system that integrates assessments and intervention within a three-tiered system (see below) to maximize student achievement and to reduce behavior problems. With MTSS, schools identify students at risk of not achieving grade level goals, monitor student progress, provide evidenced-based interventions and adjust those interventions based on a student’s responsiveness.  MTSS can also help identify students with learning disabilities or who need advanced learning opportunities.


MTSS is NOT “special education” it is a regular education initiative that supports students and provides targeted instruction based on regular progress monitoring and data analysis.


Kentucky System of Interventions (KSI)

Instruction through the tiers is a flexible and fluid process based on student assessment data and collaborative team decisions. The goal of the process is to provide continuous progress so that students are successful.


MTSS Supporting Documents

Morgan County Multi Tiered Support System (MTSS) Framework

Parent/Guardian Home Letter and Survey

Sample Response to Intervention (RtI) Progress Monitoring Sheet

Instructions - RtI Progress Monitoring

Video Walkthrough - RtI Progress Monitoring

MTSS Sample Forms

Academic/Behavior Interventions