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District Leadership Team

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Ralph Hamilton




Ralph W. Hamilton, Ed.D.  
Superintendent of Schools



Trish Cox



Trish Cox
Secretary to the Superintendent


Jennifer Salyer



Deputy Superintendent


Jessica Chaney




District Support Secretary




Leann Sargent



Leann Sargent
Director of Special Education



Amanda Lee





Amanda Lee

Chief Academic Officer



Katlin Haney
Director of Student Services


Lori Stamper


Chief Financial Officer




Darren Sparkman



Director of Buildings & Grounds



Jeremy Bush
Director of Student Transportation







Justin Daniels
Interim Director of Technology



Tammy Potter Gifted & Talented Coordinator





Tammy Potter
Gifted & Talented/Library Media









Jessica Hammonds
Home/Hospital Education 



Joseph Stambaugh



Joseph Stambaugh
School Psychologist   


Sara Mays





Payroll Clerk




Sarah Beth Legg






Interim Director of Food & Nutrition
Accounts Payable







Lisa Hoskins



Lisa Hoskins 
Assistant to Food Service   


Scott Hammonds




Scott Hammonds
Operating Systems Administrator



Jeffrey Ryder
Jeffrey Ryder
Computer Technician
Scarlett Smith
District Mental Health Counselor